After a really long day of coming back and forth on 5600/Kuderer it has finally passed the House. It has to go back to the Senate for concurrence and then it will be done. 

The House spent over two hours on the floor on this bill, plus a lot of time earlier in the day on it. This is a lot of time for one bill and represents how much of a priority tenant protections and eviction prevention are for the House Democratic Caucus. 

Many thank you’s are due and I hope that you will all join us in thanking Representative Macri and Senator Kuderer for their incredible leadership throughout this session on this very significant bill. But if you saw the floor debate, you’ll see that there are many other awesome lawmakers to thank as well. Each of the following lawmakers spoke against bad amendments or for the final passage of the bill. They all deserve thanks, in addition to the prime sponsors: (Awesome and powerful floor speech on why this bill is so important, and prime sponsor of 1453) (Prime sponsor of 5600) (Shared a personal story of eviction and against amendment to reduce the 14 days to 7 days because of the time it takes to get assistance from the VA, and further elaborated on this during final passage. Please do make sure to share a special thank you for Rep Morgan) (Spoke many times against bad amendments) (Spoke against a bad amendment) (Spoke against a bad amendment several times) (Spoke against a bad amendment)

Michele Thomas She/her/hers Director of Policy and Advocacy Washington Low Income Housing Alliance and Housing Alliance Action Fund