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Why Tacoma Needs to End “No Cause” Evictions

Primary Benefits to Enacting Just Cause

  • Meaningful enforcement of Fair Housing laws;
  • Healthier & Safe Homes;
  • Homelessness Prevention;
  • Sustainable future for families in Tacoma.

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Tenant Protections of Good Cause and Extended Notice Requirements to Terminate Month-to-Month Residential Tenancies:

A Review of the Law in American Jurisdictions and the Research and Public Literature About Their Effects – Tacoma Housing Authority August 2018

Ten Commandments of Housing Justice for the New Millennium

Adapted from a presentation by City Life/Vida Urbana, Community Church, Boston. 12/12/99

5 Steps For Organizing a Tenant Union- a step-by-step guide

What is a ‘Homes For All tenant union?

Tenants unions are building, neighborhood or city-based organizations made up of and led by renters themselves to fight for our collective interests and rights.

Building-based tenants unions are generally made up of tenants who live in the same building and/or have the same landlord. Neighborhood and city-based tenant unions are networks of tenants who often have similar issues and stand in solidarity with each other, but may live in different buildings or have different landlords.

Homes For All tenant unions share a common vision and principles, and unite with other tenant unions across our cities, states and country to build a movement of millions that is powerful enough to win rent control for all and tenant and community control of our housing and land.