We fought hard to win significant tenant protections last year in Tacoma, effective Feb 1! Now we have the opportunity to win these protections and more for tenants across Washington. The landlord lobby is out in force, and we need to make sure legislators hear directly from tenants and supporters.

There are a range of bills currently being considered in Olympia that will go a long way to keep tenants in our homes.

These include:

HB 1656/SB 5733: Just Cause (requires legitimate reason to terminate tenancy) and extended notice to vacate for renovation or demolition

HB 1453/SB 5600: extension of 3 day pay or vacate to provide time for tenants to catch up on rent and judicial discretion to prevent eviction

HB 1440: 60 day notice of rent increase

HB 1694: installment payments for move in costs

Many of these bills are supported by legislators in the Tacoma area including Rep. Jinkins, Rep. Morgan, Sen. Darneille, and Sen. Conway. They are getting heat from landlords who don’t want to see these changes, but we know they are necessary.

Eviction is one of the primary causes of homelessness in Pierce County, and it disproportionately impacts marginalized populations, including women (especially single mothers), people of color, and people with disabilities. Between 2012 and 2017, almost 20% of all black adults in Pierce County experienced eviction. These reforms are absolutely necessary. Please complete the information in the right hand column and click on “start writing” to send the letter.

By passing this legislation, Washington will join 25 other states in protecting tenants–securing housing stability for the 40% of Washingtonians who rent their homes. Thank you very much!

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