Senator Darneille (27th District) and Senator Conway (29th District) have signed on to support Senate Bill 5600 which enacts meaningful and necessary tenant protections by reforming the eviction process in Washington state. This is excellent news, and we want to thank them for their support! They are getting a lot of opposition from landlords and need to hear from us!

Senator Darneille’s number is (360) 786-7652.

Senator Conway’s number is (360) 786 – 7656.

The bill extends the current 3-day notice to pay past due rent. This extension helps to make sure tenants have some time to prevent their eviction. The bill also allows judges to use discretion to provide alternatives to eviction. For example, a tenant who has been hospitalized and fallen behind on rent could get a payment plan rather than getting evicted. The bill also makes the language on eviction notices more understandable.

Eviction is one of the primary causes of homelessness in Pierce County, and it disproportionately impacts marginalized populations, including women (especially single mothers), people of color, and people with disabilities. Between 2012 and 2017, almost 20% of all black adults in Pierce County experienced eviction. These reforms are absolutely necessary. Please call and voice your support.

By passing this legislation, Washington will join 25 other states in protecting tenants from the hardships of eviction–securing housing stability for the 40% of Washingtonians who rent their homes.