Are you a renter? Are you concerned with private property developers inflating and setting the rental market pricing according to their needs, while simultaneously receiving tax exemptions from the city? Tomorrow Tacoma City Council is going to potentially pass 2 resolutions relating to Multi-Family Tax Exemptions (MFTE). One 8-yr MFTE application is located next to Wright Park & the 12-yr application is located near the Tacoma Mall. The 12-yr application must provide 30% affordable housing units (=4), but the 8-yr MFTE application requires ZERO AFFORDABLE UNITS, yet they are requesting tax exemption status through the MFTE program! I hope that this is alarming to you & that you’re available at 5pm tomorrow.

Set pricing for the potential 133 unit Wright Park project:

(52) Studio:   $2623/month

(55) 1 bdrm: $3687/month

(26) 2 bdrm: $4867/month

Tacoma Citizens Forum takes place on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. 5pm at 733 Market St. in Council Chambers (aka the bottom level at the base of the marble steps). You can sign in to speak before city council to directly express your opinion/concerns for 3 minutes. Literally 3 minutes of your day could shift city council’s decision-making tomorrow.

OR leave your comments for Tacoma City Council Mayor Victoria Woodards at:

(253) 594-7848 or (Constituent Services: Rhosheida Meyers)


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